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Rockpile Report - 177 - Trade Deadline That Wasn’t and Redskins Preview With Samuel Gold

October 31, 2019
Drew has a message for fans "on the ledge" this week.
We start this show with a conversation about the "NFL Trade Deadline That Wasn't" & explain why Bills fan outrage is wildly unwarranted.
Then we recap Sunday's game vs Philadelphia - we talk about Daboll v Allen equating to the "Chicken vs Egg" argument, Drew has a heartfelt message for fans with more volatile interpretations of what this team is at just 5-2 & more.

Then, we host Samuel Gold, writer for The Athletic, for a preview of Sunday's action vs Washington - we talk about Haskins starting at QB, their surprisingly efficient D, a dynamic rookie & what we feel will turn the tide in the Bills favor!
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