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Rockpile Report - 156 - Draft Series Wrap-up with’s Dean Kindig

April 23, 2019

Happy Dyngus Day, BillsMafia!

This week we take it easy by recapping our 2019 Draft Preview Series & what we've taken away from each analyst.

Then, we take one last stab at reading the tea-leaves by analyzing the Bills recent draft history for clues, patterns & some insight as to what type of players they might be targeting. Dean Kindig joins the show to provide his insight on some of the scouting patterns that the average fan may simply not be aware of, and we discuss the overarching idea that this team likes 3 things: Experience, Freak Athletic Traits & Face-time.

It's all over but the crying, Bills fans - in the words of Peter Venkman, crossing the streams at the end of Ghostbusters - "See ya on the other side"!

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