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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Six

January 18, 2017

Welcome to a loaded edition of the Rockpile Report, featuring guests Erik Turner of & former SD Chargers blogger Jeff Siniard!

We were supposed to go bi-weekly but this week carried too much news to pass up, with the hire of Sean McDermott. We talk about the press conference, and about why Jerry Sullivan and most of the TBN crew can bite the fattest part of Drew's ass.

Then, with Erik Turner we talk about the changes coming between the newly hired staff and the defensive scheme. and how our current personnel fits them. 

And finally, Drew editorializes on the situation in San Diego with the help of former blogger Jeff Siniard. It's something that not only infuriates Drew, but is also a story line that Bills fans need to realize can play out for anyone considering the NFL's business model.

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