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Rockpile Report - 186 - Wild Card Preview: The W’s are Bigger in Texas

Rockpile Report - 186 - Wild Card Preview: The W’s are Bigger in Texas

December 31, 2019
And that's a wrap, folks! The 2019 NFL season has officially ended & despite the scoreboard the Bills still may have come out on top this week!
Drew discusses his observations of our young developmental talents from NYJvsBUF, and we talk about what was our final tailgate of the season - couldn't have asked for a better time with some fantastic people!
Then we preview our playoff match-up with the Houston Texans - a team Drew views as the best matchup for Buffalo, and perhaps one of the worst AFC playoff teams over the last half-a-decade! We break down their offense & defense statistically & philosophically, articulating all the reasons the Buffalo Bills should approach this game like Bernie Mac at the Apollo when he famously said, "I AIN'T SCARED OF YOU M***********'s" .

Have a Happy New Year, BillsMafia - we'll see you in 2020!
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Rockpile Report - 185 - 5th Annual Festivus Celebration

Rockpile Report - 185 - 5th Annual Festivus Celebration

December 24, 2019

It's a Festivus Celebration, BillsMafia!

This week, we break down our takeaways from Saturdays matchup in Foxborough! We break down the ways we got shown up, the ways we thrived & the fact that Josh Allen has become the player that we hoped (and many, Drew included, doubted) he would be.

We then question coaching philosophy heading into our Week 17 matchup with the Jets, and then - we celebrate Festivus by airing our own & our fans 2019 #BillsGrievances - a holiday tradition unlike any other!

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Rockpile Report - 184 - Nineteen Ninety-Nine

Rockpile Report - 184 - Nineteen Ninety-Nine

December 18, 2019

To Quote Prince: Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999!

In this weeks podcast, we open with a discussion of our Sunday night, Drew's secret love for 80's music & how hard things were in terms of waiting till 8pm for a Bills game.

We break down our playoff clinching victory in Pittsburgh outlining Allen's growth, the ways the Bills worked in concert to secure the victory & why with McDermott at the helm we don't truly know what all might be possible.

Then, fan favorite Christian Simonelli joins us for a preview of our matchup with the New England Patriots. We articulate the decline of the Pats offense, including specific examples of the ways they break down, and ask the million dollar question, "What would it mean for the Patriots to lose this game?".


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Rockpile Report - 183 - Moral Victories and SNF preview

Rockpile Report - 183 - Moral Victories and SNF preview

December 10, 2019

I typically hate moral victories...but I'm a fan of them today!

This week we open with a recap of Sundays action - we break down the crux of the offenses struggles, the fact that they clawed their way back & the effort by our defense that made all of that possible.

Then, we preview our prime time matchup with the Steelers. Their front 7 is ferocious, but their flavor-of-the-week QB has some absurd tendencies & tells that should make their offense easy to gameplan for.

This week has all the makings of a slugfest, and the Bills ultimately have their destiny in their own hands - let's hope they make good on it this weekend!

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Don't forget to send us your submissions for the 5th annual Rockpile Report "Festivus Celebration"! We'll be giving away free pizza compliments of Wise Guys Pizza!

Rockpile Report - 182 - Allen Serves Crow ; BALvBUF Preview

Rockpile Report - 182 - Allen Serves Crow ; BALvBUF Preview

December 4, 2019

Josh Allen was handing out platefuls of bird...just not turkey.

This week, we talk about our Thanksgiving Day watching experience & how one of us was sorely disappointed. We go on to recap BUFvDAL in holiday fashion, underscoring that as a team we played our best game & our young QB became something out of a Marvel comic book.

We also run down this weeks rooting interests & then we preview what might be our biggest game of the year with Ravens film analyst Ken McCusick! We dissect the Baltimore offense in terms of talent & tendency, while outlining some places that the Bills can make hay.

David vs Goliath?! BRING IT ON & LET'S GO BUFFALO!

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