Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Seven

February 21, 2019

What a weekend, Bills fans!

We open with a recap of our interview with Bills legend Fred Smerlas, compliments of ROC Sports Network & the Legends & Stars signing event at Batavia Downs!
We also cover the long expected release of TE Charles Clay (yes...we dig up the stats), and host Dean Kindig of & to help us review how the Bills scouting visits and other tells might tip their hand to us as fans to their ultimate draft plans.
We close with Drew's editorial on mock drafts - if you're a fan you should probably skip this!
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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Six

February 14, 2019

Free Agency is upon us, Bills fans!

This week, we open with a conversation about the AAF and why you should/shouldn't keep watching every week.

Then we talk about the signing of C/G Spencer Long, discussing his skillset & the merits/potential drawbacks to his presence on the roster.

We finish the show with our annual Defensive Free Agency Primer -we break down spending philosophy based on last years trends, where the Bills position groups stand as of today and names we think could improve the roster heading into 2019. - If you can't join us live, tune into our show with "The Huddle TV" here on Roc Sports Network at 12pm EST Sunday, Feb 17


Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Five

February 7, 2019

Tangible football talk IS BACK! *Insert Clouds Parting Here*

This week, with WGR550 &'s Nate Geary in studio, we pick apart the SB and discuss it's best/worst moments.

Then, we open our Free Agency discussion with an overview of the offensive side of the ball. We talk about where the Bills came from in 2018, where the stand today, what positions bear fruit compared to others and players we each like for our team in 2019!


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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Four

January 31, 2019

Neither snow nor rain, nor sleet nor hail...the Rockpile Report is still here even when the USPS isn't!

This week, we host Dan Borrello, friend of the Roc Sports Network, as we break into Super Bowl Week!

We talk about the resigning of Reid Ferguson, and the fact that Tom Brady will unequivocally be back for 2019 while Gronks future is up in the air.

Then, we break down Super Bowl party ettiquite & break down our predictions.

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Three

January 24, 2019

This week, we host a legend in Rockpile Report lore!

We open with a discussion on Championship Weekend, and why lawsuits over game results are lame.

Then, we give our takes on the teams recent OL & ST Coordinator hires & discuss one hiring that the team ABSOLUTELY needs to investigate.

SPOILER ALERT: It's a new league trend.

We close the show with an interview with Bills Long Snapper Reid Ferguson - we talk the end of 2018, his offseason and beyond!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Two

January 15, 2019

This week we're joined in studio by Hashtag Sports human calculator Paul Wanecski!

We talk about new changes to the Bills front office, why fans shouldn't be disappointed by the departures & should instead share Drew's frustration over the lack of traction our position coaching hires are getting.

Then, we have an indepth conversation about the Buffalo Bills 2018-2019 Salary Cap situation - we break down best & worst return on investment, and how we think the team will/should attack the offseason once free agency gets underway!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty One

January 10, 2019


This week, we talk about Wild Card weekend & the start of what has become "coaching roulette".

We also discuss the difficulty Duke Williams (no, Chris, no THAT Duke) will face heading from the CFL to the NFL, and the questionnaire released by CAA Icon on behalf of the Buffalo Bills for ticket holders & fans alike.

Then, we go over why a true "AFC East Preview" is impossible with the coaching situation currently at hand - which changed drastically JUST AS WE WERE RECORDING - and outline what philosophies the Bills should use to fill their current vacancies!


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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty

January 3, 2019

And there you have it - the 2018 Buffalo Bills season is over!

We have Ryan Lasal, host of the Roc Sports Network TV show "The Huddle" in studio with us as we recap the 2018 season.

We open with Drew's hatred of New Year's Eve, the staff changes already announced over at 1 Bills Drive & the retirement of a fan favorite, Kyle Williams.

Then, we recap Miami vs Buffalo in Week 17, including Josh Allen's record breaking day & a discussion on why NFL teams should take notice of what a bad idea fist fighting the Buffalo Bills is going forward.

We close with our 2018 Season Review - superlatives get handed out, insults get thrown and we take an indepth look at what this season means to our franchise.

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Nine

December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas, Bills fans!

This week, we talk about our Xmas experiences, including Drew's brawl for household dominance & super polite in-laws.

We also recap the Bills trip to New England - confusion over Tom Brady's struggles, lamenting the treatment of Josh Allen & a discussion on the culpability of our coaching staff in another lopsided loss the Patriots.

Then, we discuss the fall of the 2018 Miami Dolphins with Locked On Dolphins host Travis Wingfield, as well as the outlook for the guys in teal & reasons to watch this meaningless husk of a game this coming Sunday.

Thanks for all the support this season, as we know it's been a trying one. Stick around, as 2019 might make for the most exciting & important offseason the Bills have seen in over a decade!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Eight

December 20, 2018


This week, we make a lot of holiday references because we can - so sue us!

We talk about the generosity of Brits, Nathan Peterman & Pro Bowl snubs - why they don't matter and neither does the game.

Then, we recap our Sunday at New Era and our takeaways from a Bills win over the Lions. Josh Allen improving, interesting snap count observations & Chris's first crack at naming the Zero of the week!

We also host Patriots fan Christian Simonelli for our preview of #BUFvsNE - we talk about the pulse of the NE fanbase in these trying times, the struggles of the offense & what the D might try to do to stop us from putting them FIRMLY into the WC round.

Finally, we bring you all the 4th annual "Festivus Celebration: An Airing of Grievances" - we & you the listeners vent our frustrations over the 2018 season in an attempt to head into 2019 with a clean slate!

Thank you all so much for your support, and a happy holiday to you and your families!

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