Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty

August 16, 2018

Drew hasn't been this sober since the 8th grade!

This week, we host local philanthropist Del Reid to discuss his recent endeavors & annouce a few of our own. We go on to discuss all of the recent hubbub about Jalen Ramsey and his proclivity to gush in fashion magazines.

We also break down this past weeks Bills vs Panthers game in terms of what we saw, and what it means to the Blls fortunes.

Then, we talk about sports writers who say inflammatory things, and wax poetic on the Browns, the fact that Drew despises them, and what we're looking for Friday night when some guy named TuhRod Taylor starts at QB for them. 

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Nineteen

August 9, 2018


The football drought is finally over & live action games are about to kickoff!

This week we have Mario Granta of HashTag Sports in studio while we discuss the trade for Coleman, and why Drew has an absloute hard on for Beane at this point.

Then we give our guide to what we'll be watching for in the upcoming preseason games, and host Locked on Dolphins podcaster and network EIC Travis Wingfield to wrap our AFCEast Roundup: Training Camp Edition! We talk about everything that's wrong with our opponents to the deep South, and identify what their hopes are for the coming season!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Eighteen

August 2, 2018

I (Drew) had goosebumps recording this show!

We kick it off with a discussion on why the national media will always be the Toby Flenderson to my Michael Scott, and why football fans everywhere should GOOOOSFRABAHHHHHH.

In what might be one of the most personally rewarding interviews we've done, we host Pancho Billa himself Ezra Castro! We talk about his draft experience, his life & his recent experience at Buffalo Bills training camp!

Then we keep with the theme and give our higlights & lowlights of the first week of Bills Training Camp, and outline the things we'll be watching heading into our warm up week for the preaseson!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Seventeen

July 26, 2018


It's a smorgasboard of Bills talk! We start with a whole group of announcements, including a discussion about Jim Kelly, and it takes off from there. Toasts, laughs & Fantasy Football are just the tip of the iceburg! 

This week we give our #BillsCamp preview, outlining what Drew thinks are the Good, the Bad & the Ugly position groups on the roster, as well as the players we'll be watching closely. 

Then, we host Patriots radio show "PFW in Progress" caller/listener/occasional host Christian Simonelli for Part 2 of our AFC East Roundup: Training Camp Edition. If you dislike the Pats as much as we do, you're going to want to hear this!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Sixteen

July 12, 2018

If you're not a reasonable human being, don't download this podcast.

This week, we embrace the flaming hot takes of NFL Networks Michael Robinson, and discuss giving him his own segment.

Then Drew comes off the rails on the topic of LeSean McCoy, explaining his opinion on why people need to be reasonable. 

We also discuss Lorenzo Alexander being the mouthpiece of the NFLPA in regards to guranteed contracts, and host "Turn on The Jets" podcaster Joe Blewett to kick off our AFC East Training Camp Roundup! 

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Fifteen

June 21, 2018


This week, we reflect back on where we started, where we've come and the fact that 3 years ago today was the first time we ever touched microphones.

We discuss the Josh Allen contract situation, and also talk about gambling opening up across the US and how that affects the way people view the Buffalo Bills.

Then, we break down OTA's in terms of our observations & questions heading into TC. We end the show playing a 2nd round of "Drew's Hot Takes" - spoiler alert, someone ends up chugging a Seagrams!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Fourteen

June 7, 2018

This week, our show is all about departures from the norm and we have Bills Long Snapper Reid Ferguson in studio to help us break it all down!

First, we discuss Drew getting married! Then, we touch on the Eric Wood release and what it means to the Bills cap situation. We also discuss OTA's with Reid and talk about where he wants to be in 2018.
In the meat & potatoes of tonight's show, we hold an in depth discussion about Jerry Sullivan's departure from The Buffalo News & follow it up with a dissection of the Bills situation given the recent comments of Kim Pegula - this is a MUST LISTEN for those that fear the team will relocate.
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Guys, check out Reid & Colton Schmidt's recent video here:

Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirteen

May 24, 2018

GOOD LORD, it feels good to be back!

After a week off, Drew reflects on his post draft emotions. We also discuss Thurman's jersey retirement, the 2nd wave of FA on the offensive side of the ball, and the unceremonious unretirement of Richie Ingocnito.

Then we host "The Jet Factor Podcast" host CJ DeSimone to in our final installment of the AFC Roundup: Draft Edition!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twelve

May 8, 2018

Tonight, we finalize our recap of the Bills 2018 draft!

We open with a discussion on our biweekly format change, the Pancho pick & the lack of recent Bills news.
We go on to break down the 2nd half of the Bills 2018 draft, our reactions and takes on possible fits. Then, in the second installment of the AFC East Draft Roundup, we host Patriots fan/radio personality Christian Simonelli to discuss how things went up North!
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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Eleven

May 4, 2018


This week, we recap Drew's tropical draft experience, Chris's night with his parents & what was learned during the course of the weekend.

We break down Round 1 of the Bills Draft Class, our reactions and thoughts about where things could go. Then we host Locked On Dolphins podcaster Travis Wingfield for the 1st installment of "AFC Draft RoundUp"!



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