Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Three

October 18, 2017

Fresh off the Bye Week, and thank god, couldn't have come at better time!

This week, we talk about the Bills injuries and how our roster shapes up after the Bye Week. In our AFCEast roundup, we discuss the Pats latest escape from justice & Miami's shocking win in ATL. And we close things out with a preview of #BUFvsTB, and talk about the one aspect of their defense that might seal this game for Buffalo. - Watch Drew sweat, bark & cry his way through the Reaper Wing Challenge! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast

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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Two

October 11, 2017

This week, we host WGR550's Nate Geary!

We talk about being a professional on the radio, the highs and lows of our matchup vs the Bengals, and discuss what the recent rash on injuries has taught us about this roster. Then, we deliberate about where we go from here & why Bills fans need to keep your chins up.

Chris & Drew close the podcast making a series of Seagrams bets that will shape Chris's future ability to show his face in public.

 *We apologize for the production issue near the end of the show! #EditingFail * - Be sure to give us a follow & tune in on October 14th @ 7:30pm to watch Drew take on the Wise Guys Reaper Wing Challenge!

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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty One

October 4, 2017


The Buffalo Bills are alone in first place of the AFC East, fresh off one of the most unexpected wins of the season! We recap the game, talk about recent signings and explain why fans shoudln't flip out about the Jordan Matthews injury.

Then, we talk about Nate Geary's on air explanation of his Browns pick, and preview our matchup with the Bengals that Drew is convinced is a trap game. He's got to be wrong, right? - Give us a follow and be sure to tune in Oct. 14th for the Reaper Wing Challenge! - The Best View in Sports - The Official Pizzaria of The Rockpile Report

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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty

September 27, 2017

Guys, I've never heard Chris this fired up!

This week we recap the sweatiest, most physically taxing win ever over the Denver Broncos, and talk about why Drew thinks the Patriots are the most vulnerable they've ever been.

Then we preview the Bills vs. Falcons in a game where even weekly "tank enthusiast" Chris agrees we need to win! - WiseGuys's  - The Offical Pizzaria of The Rockpile Report Podcast! Stop in Sat, October 15th and cheer Drew on as he faces the "Carolina Reaper Wing Challenge" on our weekly Facebook/Twitter Live show!

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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Nine

September 20, 2017

Well Bills fans, if you're reading this then you survived Sunday's game. Congrats!

This week, we discuss why the 2017 Colts & Bears are so important to the Buffalo Bills future, and also discuss McDermotts recent comments and what it tells us about his coaching method. Then we recap Sundays game, and go over why the blame belongs on more than one pair of shoulders.

Then, we preview Sundays matchup w/the Broncos, and strike back at the people who make WGR550 unlistenable from Sunday-Wednesday.

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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Eight

September 13, 2017

THE BILLS ARE #1 IN THE AFC EAST..What a time to be alive!

This week, we talk recent roster changes, recap our win vs the Jets, talk about fan participation & explain why WGR550's Nate Geary may have to chug a 6'er of Seagrams by the end of the season.

Then, we preview this weekends matchup Vs Carolina. Guys, this gams going to be rough so buckle your seatbelts...but I think we can pull this thing out if our coaches are prepared. LETS GO BUFFALO!

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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Seven

September 7, 2017

(We would like to apologize for the beep sound you hear roughly between the 44 and 54 minute mark)

This week, Drew dusts off his soap box with a message for Bills fans everywhere. It's not about the W's & L''s about friendship, family & the guy standing next to you when it's 5 degrees at The Ralph.

We also provide our takes on the 53 man roster after cut down day, and then preview our Week 1 matchup vs the New York Jets with AFC East Bro's Kyle Smith!

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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Six

August 30, 2017

Folks this week, Drew is riled up and you're all going to hear about it!

We talk about the Ragland trade, about Darues being sent home and about mass hysteria. Then, we talk about what we've learned this preseason,  discuss some players on the roster bubble & where Drew thinks they'll end up.

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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Five

August 24, 2017

Another week, another NFL Headline for the Buffalo Bills! *Cracks 3 Beers*

This week we talk about Boldin's announcement, Jerry Sullivan & Jordan Matthews, gift horses....and their mouths? Then, we host Miami Dolphins podcaster Travis Wingfield to wrap up our 2017 Training Camp ediion of the AFC East Roundup!

This is a big week for the Bills starters, check back next week as we hand out our preseason superlatives, make our roster predictions and more!


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Rock Pile Report Episode Seventy Four

August 17, 2017

This week, the Buffalo Bills made some of the boldest moves that we've seen in decades, and thus we spend this week focusing on the trades, their value vs cost and what it means for the franchise moving forward. In the words of Jerry McGuire - "Who's comin' with me?!"

We also discuss the end of training camp, Drew's on-field interview with Eddie Yarbrough & we continue our AFCEast roundup by talking to everyone's favorite Patriots fan Christian Simonelli about New Englands offseason thus far!

Check it out, and be sure to check out all of our exclusive player interviews in their entirety at !

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