Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Seven

December 13, 2018

This weeks starts off on something of a serious note as Drew learned this week that, in the words of Cat Stevens - "It's a wild world".

We discuss trusting strangers, Drew's trip to Narnia in the middle of a football game (he can drink a small family under the table - booze doesn't do THAT to people), and break down the addition of 2 solid defensive players to the IR.

Then we recap NYJvBUF, making note of Josh Allen's growth & the ST gaffes that might have cost us dearly, fans we met who have it worse than us & close with a preview of Week 15 with Detroit Lions fan & Cover1.Net podcaster Russ Brown!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Six

December 4, 2018

It's a no-prepwork podcast, folks!

This week, we lead off with Chris's random encounter with a fellow season ticket holder, new developments on the Bills stadium discussion & injury news for our offensive line.

Then we recap BUFvsMIA, breaking down the terrible return on investment we're getting from our most expensive offensive players, the terrible officiating and Drew eats crow on Josh Allen.

Then we list some folks who have it worse than we do today, and talk about what we're looking for when Sam Darnold & the New York Jets come to town this Sunday!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Five

November 29, 2018


This week, we open the show discussing the holidays, and shamelessly plug a charity we strongly support.Then, we talk about some dramatic Bills news & Drew's rough game day experience. 
In our recap of #JAXvsBUF, we focus on Allen's play & progression, the defensive performance and the spark that absolutely turned the tide in favor of the home team. 
We close with a preview of #BUFvsMIA with Locked On Dolphins Travis Wingfield - newly credentialed for an NFL game! We discuss the cracks in HC Adam Gase's foundation, as well as what we can expect out of their offense & defense come Sunday!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Four

November 21, 2018

THANK GOD BILLS FOOTBALL IS BACK! Not sure we'd make it another week without it.

We lead off the podcast with things Drew's noticed about the NFL now that he's got to watch other teams play, alone & without bias. That leads into a discussion about the return of Deonte Thompson, what it means for the Bills schematically, and an argument over whether Josh Allen should be back under center or not (spoiler alert, it doesn't matter because he will be) in 2018.

Then we review the list of people who's football lives are harder than Bills fans, talk about the obscure statistic Drew painstakingly researched on Doug Marrone, and host "Down By the Bank" podcaster JK Da Third for an in depth conversation about the Jaguars, their 2018 season thus far & what we can expect on Sunday!

Rain or shine, you better be loud & proud out there on Sunday, Bills fans!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Three

November 15, 2018

This weeks podcast was like a breath of fresh air for us to record, hopefully it's as fun for you to listen to!

We open with a conversation about the recent departures of WR Terrelle Pryor & divisive QB Nathan Peterman, who we bid the shows most elegant farewell ever.

Then we recap our takeaways from our Week 10 victory over the New York Jets, outlining how the contributions from a bunch of really young guys & a bunch of really old guys made all the difference.

As always, we provide our listeners with a list of people who have it worse than us (spoiler alert - our entire division!) this week, and then we close the show by hitting a national authority on the subject with the age old question: Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Two

November 8, 2018

Pick Sixes, fights & arson - this weeks podcast has it all!

We talk about Bills news including Ezra "PanchoBilla" Castro & the late, great Phillip Gaines in this weeks News Update & then recap Week 9, giving context to our poor rushing attack while underlining the effort our D is still giving week in & week out.

Then, we talk about people who have it worse than Bills fans (including someone who pitched a loaf in the stadium) and host "Turn On the Jets Film Room" analyst Joe Blewett to discuss this weeks matchup vs the New York Jets!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty One

November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween, Bills fans!

This week, we discuss Drew's recent experience with the "Vontae Davis Wing Challenge", and what we saw from the Bills (or didn't see) at the trade deadline.

We also recap our experience at Monday Night Football, talk about folks who are probably more depressed than Bills fans this week & where we stand at the 2nd quarter pole of the NFL season.

Finally, we talk about our upcoming matchup with the Chicago Bears while hosting Will DeWitt from - stick with us & the team, Bills fans because while things haven't gone as planned the team has an undecided future and still needs us to show up on gameday loud & proud!


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Our appearance on Da Bears Bros

Our appearance on Bears Barroom

Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty

October 25, 2018

Chris thinks this podcast is one of our Top 10 of all time - you be the judge!

This week, we touch on UB Football & shamelessly plug this weeks live event, as well as talk about Chad Kelly & the trade deadline.

Then, we talk about the finer points of our loss in Indy, providing context to the whipping we took, and point out people who might feel worse this week than we do.

We close with a discussion on MNF with our resident Patriots fan Christian Simonelli. Make sure you're out there being loud and proud, and make sure that idiot Booger McFarland can hear you!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Nine

October 18, 2018

Folks...I need you to hear me out here.

This week Drew kicks the podcast off on his soapbox, as he talks about the state of the Bills fanbase & how we move forward. If you're looking for a Peterman rant, you might have to look elsewhere this week.

Then, we recap our Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans, talking about the positives we can take away from each side of the ball. Then we air a new segment which should help Bils fans feel better about this weeks result.

We close with a preview of what the Colts bring to the table, and what we'll be looking for if the Bills want to keep this game competitive.

It's not an easy road to walk...but like Shawshank Redemption, maybe you're all willing to go just a little bit farther with us? LETS GO BUFFALO!

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Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Eight

October 11, 2018

Folks, strap in because his weeks show gives WAY more than last weeks!

In our latest show, we discuss why trading McCoy is nonsense & pick through the signing of former Browns QB Derek Anderson.

We go on to recap our Week 5 action vs. the Titans, including an indepth look at the performance of our front 7 that won us the game, and a look around the AFC East.

We close with our Week 6 Preview for BUFvsHOU - there's a ton of analysis you won't get on the radio, you'd best check it out before kickoff!

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