Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Five

January 10, 2018

Well Bills Fans, 2017 has been one hell of a ride!

We host Bills endzone flag holder Gregg Torlone tonight for the longest show of the season. We discuss Incognito, Kyle Williams & today's presser with Beane & McDermott and what each of these things means heading into the offseason.
We also recap BUFvsJAX giving our assessment of the game, along with Gregg's insight as to what being there was actually like, and recap 2017 as a whole in our Season Review. 
Finally, we hand out our 2017 Rockpile Report Awards - trust me, it's worth sticking around for!  
A heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who follows, contributes and supports us for making this our most successful season ever! This is the start of something big, I can feel it!
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Four

January 3, 2018


That's the question we have for BillsMafia this week - WHAT A NEW YEARS EVE THAT WAS!

In this weeks show, we discuss Sunday's action and our reactions to it. Then we wax poetic on what it means to the fanbase and future of the franchise. 

We also recap our game in Miami, then host Jaguars podcasters Darrick Smith & John Kellum from the "Down by the Bank" show to walk us through their season and our upcoming Wild Card matchup. 

Win or lose, I'm proud of this team and it's fans. LETS GO BUFFALO!

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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Three

December 27, 2017

As bitter as we all may be - we're still on the cusp of glory!

For the first time in 13 years, the Bills are still alive in playoff contention come the final week of the season - it's a strange feeling when you think about how the season has gone.
We discuss the various playoff scenarios, talk about flex scheduling & give an indepth look at whats gone wrong with NFL officiating. 
Then, we recap our Xmas eve matchup vs the Patriots & discuss the dead horse Drew simply can't stop beating. 
We close the show with a discussion on the Dolphins and our upcoming matchup with Phin's writer/podcaster Travis Wingfield! Win or lose, playoff bound or not - thank you to all of our listeners who've stuck by us this season!
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Two

December 20, 2017


This week, we host WGR550's Nate Geary! We talk about his 1st Seagram bet win (vs his father...), Cordy Glenn going to the IR & what EJ Gaines means to this defense and why his health is the biggest story of the week.

Then we recap the action from our home finalie against Miami, discuss our front 7 & toast what might have been the last home game of KW's career. We also host Patriots radio caller/personality Christian Simonelli to discuss the most meaningful game we've had against these jerkoffs in more than a decade. Drew has officially lost his mind. 

Finally, we recap the playoff race and then, in true Fesivus fashion, air our grievances together in an attempt to clear the air, get our negativity off our chests, and head into 2018 with a clean slate! 

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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety One

December 13, 2017

Folks, this week has been bedlam. 

Drew recounts his experience at Sundays game in graphic fashion, and we talk about why people who are cursing McDermott for punting on 4th down might need to blow it out their ass. 

Then, we talk about the playoff picture, recap the AFC East action, and host Locked On Dolphins Podcast host Travis Wingfield for an in depth discussion about the Miami Dolphins in advance of our must win matchup!

Don't forget - we're collecting submissions for our annual "Festivus Cleebration: An Airing of Grivevances". Tweet or e-mail us what bothers you about the 2017 Buffalo Bills, and we'll read & reward the funniest during next weeks show!

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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety

December 6, 2017

To quote AC/DC: "If you want blood, you got it!"

We discuss the Tyrod injury, the Gronkowski hit and compare 2011 to 2017 in a segment that literally breaks Drews heart to talk about. Who thought we'd relive this horror?!

We go on to recap this weeks matchup with NE, including a discussion about Leslie Frazier and why Drew is appreciative of him. Then we talk about the AFC East, and why both teams under us are surging towards positive records, even if they don't like it. 

Finally, we talk about who the Colts are and what the Bills need to do to get a W this week at New Era Field. 

Remember - Festivus is coming! December 19th, be sure to join us for our annual celebration including the "Airing of Grievances"! Message us your funniest bitches, whines, moans & complaint and we'll read them on the air!

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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Nine

November 29, 2017

Who saw THAT coming?!

This week we host WGR550's Nate Geary as he pays the piper for his Cleveland Browns bet! Then we discuss the Benjamine & Glenn injuries & McDermotts refusal to commit to a QB past this week. 

We also recap BUFvsKC, recap the AFC Playoff race & then host Pats fan and occasional NE radio host Christian Simonelli to talk about our upcoming matchup vs the Patriots. Drew is off his rocker, folks!  - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report

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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Eight

November 22, 2017

We've nearly run out of adjectives to describe this season!

The 2017 Buffalo Bills have come off the rails, and Drew isn't far behind. Tonight we run a whole gamut of emotions as we host Erik Turner of Cover1/Locked On Bills to discuss the QB change, and talk about why some of the national criticism of McDermott should be outrightly ignored.

Then Drew gets choked up as we recap BUFvsLAC, we discuss the AFC Playoff Picture and preview our matchup with the Chiefs - there's things here to exploit but it's on our coaches and players to see whether or not they want to take advantage of them. Sunday and the rest of our season rest squarely on their shoulders!


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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Seven

November 15, 2017


Drew has officially come off the rails, but luckily we have some amazing guests who help us keep it together! We host USA Today "BILLSWIRE" Managing Editor Rob Quinn this week to discuss a multitude of topics including the recent DT shuffle By McBeane & NFL players speaking out against TNF.

Then, we recap the ATROCITY that was BUFvsNO, discuss the playoff prospects of everyone who matters in the AFC, and preview our must-win, back against the wall matchup with the San Diego...I mean....LA Chargers. Make no mistake - this is the game that will dictate the rest of our season & show us whether or not this coaching staff and "The Process" is to be believed in 2017.

Be sure to tune in to our Saturday night show live on Periscope (Twitter) on Saturday night where we talk Injury Report, Keys to Victory & more! 

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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Six

November 8, 2017

Well, that sucked.

This week, we review hot sauces instead of beers (The Brooks Pepperfire Foods Co. hot sauces to be exact)! We discuss Drew's game day mania, Injuries to NFL rookies, and the debacle that was TNF vs the Jets. Drew eats crow for telling Chris "Good Teams Don't Have Bad Games!", and we look for silver linings going forward.

Then we talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the surging New Orleans Saints in our weekly preview and explain why, despite their opponents 6 game winning streak, the Bills have a punchers chance to pull out this win at home! - Official Hot Sauce of the Rockiple Report Podcast

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