Rock Pile Report Episode Fifteen

December 24, 2015

In our fifteenth episode we are joined in studio and by studio we mean Drew's kitchen by our good friend Gregg Torlone and we discuss the disaster in the capital against the Redskins.  Are the bickering Bills back? and before we celebrate the airing of grievances to celebrate Festivus we chat with AFC East Bros podcast co host Kyle Smith.

Rock Pile Report Episode Fourteen

December 17, 2015

This week, The Rockpile Report barely tries to recap the game that should have been. We crack a bunch of jokes, more than a few beers, and talk about Talley's article in the Buffalo News, as well as put together a "survival guide" for anyone who hasn't yet watched the Buffalo Bills 30 for 30.

Next week, we celebrate Festivus and ask that you all join us in the "Airing of Grievances"! Send us the things that really grind your gears @RockpileReport on Twitter or to, we'll read them all and there is a prize for the owner of the best grievance!  

Rock Pile Report Episode Thirteen

December 10, 2015

A win over the Texans, a step towards the playoffs and another video of debauchery on Deadspin - this Sunday's game had it all! We recap it, take a look at the state of the AFC standings and get a jump on breaking down the Eagles defensive woes right here this week on the Rockpile Report! 

Rock Pile Report Episode Twelve

December 3, 2015

As always, we recap the Bills game and the AFC as it presently stands. Drew did some in-depth recon on the Texans and outlines what our fans can expect, and officiating was weaker than usual this week, causing Drew to spout about it. 

There is a prize for the person who can correctly guess exactly how many beers Drew drank during the show, considering you can hear some of them! 

Email your guesses to, and we'll announce the winner on our next show!