Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty

December 7, 2016

This week, Drew goes off about Tyrods performance, and the coaching staffs apparently acceptance of it. We also talk about Jeff Fishers extension, that awesome Jets MNF game, missed opportunities and this weeks matchup against The Steelers!


Don't forget - it's almost time for the Rockpile Report podcasts annual Festivus celebration:The Airing of Grievances!

Be sure to comment, message, Tweet or e-mail us your Buffalo Bills grievances from the 2016 season - we'll drink and be merry while reading the best, funniest & most depressing on our Dec. 20th podcast!

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Nine

November 30, 2016


This week, we talk Bills news, including Dez Lewis's inglorious debut, a new slew of injuries and Seantreal Hendersons bullshit suspension. Then, we host Bills & Beers podcaster Lars Weborg to help us recap Week 12 against the Jaguars & preview the Oakland Raiders!

Chris is so jaded that he thinks the Raiders will triple the current spread and win by more than 9 points - feel free to Tweet us to talk about what a jerkoff he sounds like!

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Also, get yourselves ready for our annual "Festivus Celebration - An Airing of Greivances" by thinking about what your greivances for the 2016 Bills season are and sending them to us so we can read them on our show:

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Eight

November 23, 2016

Folks, the Rockpile Report is back! Its been a rough few weeks, and I know I owe our followers alot - but we're back on solid ground and it feels better than satin boxers. BETTER THAN SATIN BOXERS!!


This week we break down the Bengals game, and talk about how even though it was a rough game and the penalties in the first half made Drew want to die, we came out the other side with the W. 

Then we switch gears and discuss the 2-8 Jags, Blake Bortles, and why despite what Chris thinks the Bills will win by 7 or more this weekend!


Thanks to the "Keep Choppin Wood" podcast for lending us some audio!

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Rock Pile Report Investigates Soft Tissue Injuries

November 17, 2016

In our first installment of Rock Pile Report Investigates as its own podcast, we have doctor Kyle Trimble in studio to discuss the uptick of soft tissue injuries facing not only the Buffalo Bills, but the league as a whole.


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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Seven

November 16, 2016

This week, we host one of our listeners Kyle Trimble, who also happens to be a doctor to discuss the injuries on our team.  We cover the latest Bills news on Duke Williams, Sammy Watkins, and Eric Wood.  We discuss our reasons or optimisim and pesissim as we are on our bye week.  As always we take a long around the division and give a quick recap on the Dolphins, Jets, and Pats game.  Finally, we preview our matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.


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Bills Backers of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati

Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Six

November 10, 2016

This week on the Rock Pile Report podcast we discuss the Monday Night debacle in Seattle.  We go into detail on the blocked punt with Bills practice squad member Reid Ferguson and give our glowing opinions of Richard Sherman and Walt Anderson.  We also utilize our new skype number to call into the AFC East Bros podcast and talk about the Jets and Dolphins game.


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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Five

November 3, 2016

This week, we host Bills season ticket holder Celeste Albone to get a females perspective on the Buffalo Bills and she drops us a nugget of information of what went down in her section.  We discuss the lone bright spot against New England, Mike Gillislee.  We also recap the debut of Marcell Dareus and discuss the horrible day by Stephon Gilmore.  Finally, we preview our Monday night matchup in Seattle with writer Lars Russell.

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Four

October 27, 2016

This week, Drew was sick as a dog but decided beers and football talk were worth more than warm fluids and rest.

We recap the Phins game, and Drew goes off a bit on what he thinks about the hit on Williams and the ripple affect it could have on our team. Then we recap the AFC East and bring our loyal Patriots fan and PFW in Progress host Christian Simonelli to help us preview the Patriots game to see if there are ANY weaknesses in the Patriots game right now. 

Guys, we all know they're coming to get us after our win in Foxboro - If you're going, be loud & proud and give em hell! Maybe we come out the other side intact! Let's go Buffalo!

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Three

October 20, 2016

This week, Drew and Chris celebrate their back to back 200DL episodes! Thank you to everyone who listens!

We recap the wild Buffalo sports weekend, and talk our tailgate experience with Gary Smith (@afc_eastbrogary) from AFC East Bros Podcast and Bills Fanatics members Celeste and Rico & dig into the numbers behind the Bills dominant performance against the 49ers this past weekend.
With the help of Orange & Aqua creator Vero DelFino, we preview our upcoming matchup with the Dolphins, and then on a more somber note we discuss a cause that I'd ask our fans support in:

Please check this out, and if you can't donate I'd ask that you simply leave some words of encouragement for this family as they could really use our support. Let's show them what being #BillsFam is all about!

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Two

October 13, 2016

This weeks intro features Drew losing it over the Bills defense in embarrassing fashion.  

From there, we go on to recap the Bills win over the Rams, and expand on the fact that our division is becoming a 2 horse race. Then, with quotes Lars Russell from SB Nations "Field Gulls", we preview the 49ers and talk about what every Bills fan should look for come Sunday!

Have comments or questions? Shoot them to or hit us up on Twitter @RockpileReport. LET'S GO BUFFALO!