Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Three

October 20, 2016

This week, Drew and Chris celebrate their back to back 200DL episodes! Thank you to everyone who listens!

We recap the wild Buffalo sports weekend, and talk our tailgate experience with Gary Smith (@afc_eastbrogary) from AFC East Bros Podcast and Bills Fanatics members Celeste and Rico & dig into the numbers behind the Bills dominant performance against the 49ers this past weekend.
With the help of Orange & Aqua creator Vero DelFino, we preview our upcoming matchup with the Dolphins, and then on a more somber note we discuss a cause that I'd ask our fans support in:

Please check this out, and if you can't donate I'd ask that you simply leave some words of encouragement for this family as they could really use our support. Let's show them what being #BillsFam is all about!

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Two

October 13, 2016

This weeks intro features Drew losing it over the Bills defense in embarrassing fashion.  

From there, we go on to recap the Bills win over the Rams, and expand on the fact that our division is becoming a 2 horse race. Then, with quotes Lars Russell from SB Nations "Field Gulls", we preview the 49ers and talk about what every Bills fan should look for come Sunday!

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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty One

October 5, 2016

This week Drew offers up a referendum on the state of today's Bills fans, and implores those of you out there who are ready to jump ship to listen to reason.

We host "PWF In Progress" Patriots podcast guest personality Christian Simonelli (@ChriswithaTIAN on Twitter) to help us recap this weekends massive win over the Patriots. We also take a look around the rest of the division and discuss their struggles in this weeks AFC East Roundup, and preview our match-up against that Rams that's certain to be a defensive slugfest. 
For anyone in the LA area who's looking for a place to check out this weekends game, check out for more details on how you can meet Andre Reed and Marcelus Whiley and other Bills legends. And get ahold of the LA Bills Backers of Santa Monica - they seem like an awesome crowd to watch a Bills game with if you're in the LA area. 
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Rock Pile Report Episode Forty

September 29, 2016

This week, we talk about the weird Coughlin news, the division of defensive playcalling and recap what was an amazing performance by the Bills against the Cardinals!

In this weeks AFC East Roundup, we talk about the Dolphins W that was also an L, and make fun of Fitzpatricks 6 INT's. After all of that go on to preview the "Circle the Date" matchup against the New England Patriots with PFW IN Progress guest host Christian Simonelli!

And then we spotlight the "Bills Backers of Boston" in our new segment featuring out of town places to throw down! It's a packed episode, be sure to tweet us your thoughts @RockpileReport on Twitter or e-mail us at Let's Go Buffalo!

Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Nine

September 22, 2016

This week, Drew describes what it was like to be in Toronto, hundreds of miles away, while explosive things happened here in Buffalo. 

Drew also launches into an OP/ED, dredging up some of the lowlights of the drought and explaining that replacement may not be the answer. 

We also recap the Thursday Night Football Game with Eric Turner of @cover1eturner on twitter, have the AFC East Roundup, and preview the Cardinals game with what Bills fans can expect to see from them on both sides of the ball come Sunday afternoon. 

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Rock Pile Report Thirty Eight

September 15, 2016

Whelp, this week we out did ourselves - longest podcast ever! 

Drew dissects the disappointing performance in Baltimore,talks about the things that need to change, and then talks Bills vs. Jets with AFCEastBros podcaster Kyle Smith.

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Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Seven

September 8, 2016

This week, after hearing news of OT Seantrell Henderson possibly being suspended for marijuana use, Drew puts his hardhat on for another edition of "The Rockpile Report Investigates" to find out what kind of merit the drug might actually have had in regards to his health, and we discuss why the NFL's stance might need to change. 

We also recap that tire fire of a final preseason game against Detroit, evaluate the 53 man depth chart, and preview our matchup VS the Ravens including Drew's opinions on the keys to victory.

You can find the details about the cannabis research Drew references here:

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Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Six

September 1, 2016

This week, we roll out the "Rockpile Report Investigates" segment, and expose the impact that Ed Hochuli & his crew have had is preseason and could have in the future on the NFL as a whole. 

We also recap the high and low points of the Washington game, discuss the first round of cuts and turn our eyes towards tomorrow nights final preseason game against the Lions. 
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Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Five

August 25, 2016
This week, we talk about the Karlos Williams suspension and Drew actually gets emotional. 

Ryan Lasal from BillsFanaticsTV joins us to recap the highs and lows of our 2nd preseason game against the Giants, and then we all discuss the roster bubble players that we think have either helped or hurt their case to make it past our upcoming round of cuts. 

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Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Four

August 18, 2016

This week, we talk about the Dareus suspension (and Drew's unrest over it), and the Tyrod Taylor contract. We also review last Saturdays first preseason game against the Colts for the Good, Bad and Ugly, and wrap our our AFC East Training Camp with Ron Canniff of the Miami Dolphins. 

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