Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty

March 15, 2017

What's up Rockpile Report fans! This week, we host WGR550 radio personality Nate Geary!

We cover more ground than Usain Bolt running a marathon:

* Tyrod Taylor Resigning with Buffalo

* Gilmore is now a F***** Patriot?!

* Bills Free Agency

 * NFL Draft Preview: WR's & TE's

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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Nine

March 1, 2017

The offseason is finally ramping up, and the Rockpile Report is here to bring you our thoughts on all things Buffalo!

This week we talk Tyrod's future, as well as some slick moves Whaley (or any other GM who knows what the hell he's doing) could make to alleviate our cap woes.

And then, we get into the meat of things:

  • 2017 NFL Draft 4-3 LB Preview/Review
  • Bills FA Primer
  • Discussion on players who shouldn't be allowed to put on our jersey

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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Eight

February 15, 2017

Happy V-day! Whether you're married, dating or single, I think we can all agree that football soothes everything.

This week we open with a discussion on Tyrod's contract and the different avenues the team could take to address the QB position in 2017. 

Then, we host Bleacher Report Draft Analyst Connor Rogers to preview the defensive backs in the 2017 draft class that I feel might best fit our organization, talk about their strengths & weaknesses, and where we'd slot them come late April.

Next episode, we'll preview another position group & kick off our " 2017 Draught Beer Challenege" - you won't want to miss it!

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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Seven

February 1, 2017

This weeks show is the longest we've had in a while!

We've got Icey Vick from the BillsFanatics TV Show on with us, as well as Erik Turner from Cover1.Net and DAMMIT if it wasn't a great time. 

We talk SB LI, our picks and and we talk about why Gregg Rosenthal sucks. Then, we get Erik Turner on the show to talk us through the transition to Rick Dennisons offense. 

Then, we preview what we'll give you guys in the offseaon when it comes to Free Agency and the NFL Draft.

Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Six

January 18, 2017

Welcome to a loaded edition of the Rockpile Report, featuring guests Erik Turner of & former SD Chargers blogger Jeff Siniard!

We were supposed to go bi-weekly but this week carried too much news to pass up, with the hire of Sean McDermott. We talk about the press conference, and about why Jerry Sullivan and most of the TBN crew can bite the fattest part of Drew's ass.

Then, with Erik Turner we talk about the changes coming between the newly hired staff and the defensive scheme. and how our current personnel fits them. 

And finally, Drew editorializes on the situation in San Diego with the help of former blogger Jeff Siniard. It's something that not only infuriates Drew, but is also a story line that Bills fans need to realize can play out for anyone considering the NFL's business model.

SD Article

Erik Turner

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Jeff Siniard


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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Five

January 11, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 offseason!

First and foremost, a heartfelt "Thank You" to our listeners - our following has grown exponentially over the last year and we couldnt do it without you guys!

This week the show focuses on the HC search, including pros and cons for each of our interviewees so far, and taking a look back at 2016. We've got statistical talk and we give out our own annual superlatives like a football high school year book! 


The Rockpile Report is going to go to a bi-weekly format for the offseason, starting this week. But that doesn't mean you can't still see/listen to us drink beer and talk sports! Follow us:

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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Four

January 4, 2017

This week, we talk about the future of Kyle Williams, we recap the New Years Day game in New Jersey against the NYJ with guest Gary Smith, and talk about how Russ Brandon's exclusion from the coaching staff might be a sign of growth for our organization. 

Then, Drew drinks a bunch of beers and goes off about the Whaley press conf. from Monday. If you're sensitive to the term "hacks", prep yourself. 

Steve Tasker was right - we Bills fans are 90% scar tissue. That's why I know we're all tough enough to see this rebuild through, and when we get there it'll be sweeter than the 269 beers we polished off while recording this season. Thanks for listening & Let's Go Buffalo!

Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Three

December 29, 2016

This week we were joined by Drew's friend Travis Torlone to discuss the kick in the dick we recieved by the Miami Dolphins as well as go into detail the laundry list of things that got Rex Ryan fired.  The tale of two halves for Tyrod Taylor and we have on our most decorated guest and wall art conessuer Kyle Smith from the AFC East Bros podcast to talk about the season finale against New York.


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Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty two

December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays!


Packed episode tonight!

* We discuss who is left out there if Tyrod does in fact get released

* Discussion on the pros & cons to letting Rex Ryan go at the end of the season

* Recap of the experience at the Browns/Bills game and our Hero & Zero of the week

We also host Dolphins podcaster Travis Wingfield to help us preview our Xmas eve matchup vs Miami.

And finally, we put on the 2016 Festivus Celebration: An Airing of Greivances in an attemtp to decompress after a long and trying season. Happy Holidays everyone, and LETS GO BUFFALO!

The Phinalysis Podcast

@travis_writes on twitter kyle-shows- team/ - J. Sullivan Article on Kyle Williams



Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty One

December 14, 2016

This weeks podcast starts out on a somber note.

This week we discuss the Bills vs. Steelers game, and talk about how the QB and HC positions have come under fire. Then we give an in depth recap of the AFC East's weekend, including comments from Dolphins blogger from "The Deep End" Max Himmelrich. 

Then, we preview about what has historically been one of the worst things to happen to Buffalo or Cleveland since the time Lake Erie caught on fire - the semi-annual Bills/Browns matchup! 

And don't forget - there's still time to get your bitches and complaints in for 2016's "Festivus Celebration: The Airing of Greivances"! The funniest and most depressing will be read on the air!

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You can find Max Himmelrich here:

@himmelrichnfl - Twitter